When it comes to downtown Stockton redevelopment, no one has been more successful than Dan Cort. Cort started out renovating Victorian homes in the Magnolia District and today his portfolio includes such historic downtown buildings as Cort Tower and the Kress Building. He also penned the book “Downtown Turnaround: Lessons for a New Urban Landscape,” detailing his successes in Stockton and what needs to be done to revive downtown. In addition to redevelopment, Cort advocates for smart growth policies; one of the main tenants of Stockton City Limits. In a speech at the San Joaquin TEDx event earlier this year, Cort called on Stockton to use its bankruptcy crisis to recommit to the city, not the suburbs. After many articles discussing the need to revitalize downtown, I decided it was time to talk to someone who had not only done just that, but became tremendously successful along the way.