Choosing a Project: A Building No One Else Wanted

Constructed in 1915, designed by L.B. Dutton and built by the Commercial & Savings Bank, this is a fine example of the Beaux Arts-Renaissance revival style in vogue early in the century. The Commercial & Savings Bank was only the second skyscraper constructed in Stockton. The building was heavily damaged by a fire in 1923, and following repairs was doubled in size along the Sutter Street elevation.

The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

These combined, positive elements ignited my imagination and my passion to facilitate a transformation in an area where others feared to tread.

“Cort Tower is what I’ve described as a significant identifier. It serves as an impressive, visible example of how transformation can take place. The purpose of creating identifiers is to inspire others to invest in the reutilization of structures in downtown areas, and by doing so, help recreate community.”

– Dan Cort